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SENSORSHIP is a device specially designed for the nautical sector although it can be used in other environments. SENSORSHIP, will alert you when there is a flooding and the water enters into the bilge of your boat. You can also use it to detect when a door or window is opened or closed in your home, car, caravan, etc.

In order to be operational, SENSORSHIP has to be able to connect to Sigfox network and purchase an annual  subscription to  SIGFOX network. To do this, you must purchase the Support and Subscription Service.

If you would like to purchase SENSORSHIP or receive more information, please contact us.

Available: 10 units

SENSORSHIP is a device for detecting events that are susceptible of being detected by opening or closing a contact such as, for example, the contact produced by a float device installed in the bilge of a boat ( SENSORSHIP is specially designed for this purpose) or in a door or window.

SENSORSHIP uses a Telecom Design TD1208 module consisting of a radio transceiver at the frequency of 868 MHz and an ARM Cortex M3 microprocessor configuring a SIGFOX gateway. The set is protected by a corrosion-resistant aluminum case and IP68 protection rating with stainless steel screws. The events detected by the device, thanks to the software embedded in the module, are transmitted to the nearest base stations of the SIGFOX network through a half-wave antenna and +3 dBi gain. Data are received in the Sigfox Backend application and from here, via the Internet, to the user application. The module is powered by a 3 Volt CR2450 battery.

Once a contact closure of the bilge float or other sensor is detected, SENSORSHIP sends a coded alarm message to the SIGFOX network that will reach the user via e-mail and SMS. In the case of false alarm, SENSORSHIP will not send any other messages, otherwise it will continue to send messages periodically every 11 minutes until the battery runs out. Additionally, SENSORSHIP sends a battery status and ambient temperature message every 7 days to check the battery capacity and, if it is running low, replace it in the shortest possible time.