NAUTIPARK is a device that is installed in the mooring of a boat and detects by ultrasound if the mooring is occupied or free. The information is received on the smartphone via web, e-mail and SMS for personal use or in an application specially designed for a marina

NAUTIPARK is a device that detects the occupation of a mooring. It detects by an ultrasonic sensor if the boat is in place and sends the information to a smartphone via web, e-mail and SMS for a particular owner, or to an specifig application designed for a marina in order to control the entire amount of boat places. It performs a detection every 11 minutes and sends a message to the SIGFOX IOT network. Information is collected in the Sigfox backend and sent to the user. NAUTIPARK is in advanced prototype phase and the tests carried out to date have been satisfactory. In the attached images you can see a NAUTIPARK installed on the mooring (red circle) and an application prototype showing the mooring places  of a marina with the information about busy mooring or free mooring.


Product not yet for sale. If you are interested, we can provide it quickly according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.