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IOT means Internet Of Things. A name given to the technology that makes it possible for autonomous devices, called IOT devices, to be connected to the Internet with the advantage of a reduced energy consumption, thus achieving a long battery life (+ 10 years depending on the application ).

The ultra narrow band (UNB) generally refers to the technology that transmits over a very narrow spectrum channel, ie <1KHz, to achieve a very long distance link (5 kilometers in urban or more than 25km in rural area between the transmitter and receiver). As a consequence, an excellent link budget is obtained due to the low reception noise in the band (using narrow reception filters which eliminate most of the noise). SIGFOX uses this technology to achieve a budget of -142 dBm.

SIGFOX is an operator offering a global cellular connectivity solution for the Internet of Things designed for low-speed communications that allows you to reduce prices and power consumption for connected devices. Its solution is based on an infrastructure of antennas and base stations totally independent of the networks of the existing operators, therefore does not need a SIM card to operate , that minds  a very low subscription cost. UNB technology using SIGFOX allows sending up to 140 messages of 12 bytes per day with a maximum power of + 14dBm.

No. SENSORSHIP, although designed especially for the nautical sector, can be used in many other environments. SENSORSHIP detects a contact closure, so it can be used at home, motor homes, cars and many other environments to detect doors opening and / or windows, water level detection, etc.

No. In addition to SENSORSHIP you must purchase the annual support and management service and a subscription to SIGFOX.


No. SENSORSHIP is delivered ready to work. It must be installed in the desired location and place the battery as indicated in the user manual. Now, SENSORSHIP is  ready to operate.

No, except if you haven't  your email account configured on your mobile phone. When you purchase the annual subscription and support service, you will be asked for the mobile number for SMS and the email account to which you want to receive the alarm messages.

Yes. The Support and Subscription Service is annual. Subscription to the SIGFOX network must be renewed every year. If not, the device will be disconnected from the network and will no longer be operational.

No. SENSORSHIP device is sold without the sensor. For example, to detect water level increase in the bilge of your boat, you must provide a  float device, such as those used with the bilge pump, and install it yourself or your dealer. To detect opening or closing doors, windows, etc. you must install a magnet contact that can be found in hardware stores or large areas. In any case, if you have doubts, contact us and we will help you with pleasure.