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Monitoring and Control Systems.

Design, Consulting and Projects.

Focused in the IOT ( Internet of Things) environment.


We design and implement monitoring and control solutions as well as geolocation in the Internet of Things  (IOT) environment especially for the nautical sector. To achieve this goal, we choose the technology that best suits your needs. We are experts in SIGFOX UNB technology.

Stay Connected

Monitor your objects, people or pets from any location with Internet access using Sigfox's UNB radio technology, GPS devices to know the position, accelerometers to detect movement, as well as specific sensors to cover each need:

  • Contact sensor
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Ultrasound
  • Infrared
  • Gas
  • etc.


You can receive alarms or alert signals via e-mail and SMS.

You can access to your data via web page requesting a report or visuslizing a dashboard.

What is SIGFOX UNB Technology?

Sigfox is a French company that has created a communications network with international coverage. It is an alternative network to the conventional operators designed to connect  devices in the Internet  of Things (IOT) environment. It uses a proprietary technology called UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) operating in the unlicensed ISM band (industrial Scientific Medical) , 868 MHz frequency band in Europe and 915 MHz in the USA. Regarding Europe, it allows to transmit with a maximum power of 14 dBm and with a maximum transmission of 140 messages of 12 bytes per day. No SIM card required. See the advantages of using the Sigfox network in the image below.


Sigfox currently has international coverage. See Europe coverage below:


We are SIGFOX Partners with certified products.

For more information about Sigfox, please visit Sigfox Website  https://www.sigfox.com

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